Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kawasaki's first fighter

 Kawasaki Type 92

The Kawasaki Type 92 was the first production fighter to be built by the Kawasaki Kokuki Kogyo K.K" and entered production in 1932. Although Japanese in concept, the Type 92 made extensive use of advanced western techniques and, by contemporary standards, was an excellent warplane. The initial production model was the Type 92 Model 1 powered by a Kawasaki-built BMW VI engine of 500 h.p. This carried two 7.7-mm. machine guns and attained a maximum speed of 199 m.p.h., a range of 528 mls., and a service ceiling of 30,840 ft. An altitude of 9,840 ft. was attained in four minutes, and 16,400 ft. was reached in eight minutes. Span was 31 ft. 4 in., length was 23 ft. 3 ½ in., height was 10 ft. 4 1/3 in., and wing area was 258.334 sq. ft. Empty and loaded weights were 2,976 lb. and 3,748 lb. respectively. One hundred and eight Type 91 Model 1 fighters were built, these being followed by two hundred Type 92 Model 2 fighters which differed in having an engine uprated to- 600 h.p. A number of experiments were made with Type 92 fighters, although we have no record of one fitted with an enclosed cockpit canopy.


    Five prototypes.
Type 92 Model 1 Fighter
    Initial production variant with changed fin and rudder and faired headrest, 180 built.
Type 92 Model 2 Fighter
    Improved version with structural strengtheningand more powerful ( kW/750 hp) BMW VII engine, 200 built.

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