Monday, March 2, 2015

Kugisho (Yokosuka) MXY4 (Navy Type 1 Target Plane Model11)

The Kugisho (Yokosuka) MXY4 (Navy Type 1 Target Plane Model11) was designed and built in 1940 and accepted by the IJN in 1941.  The aircraft was designed as an all wood, radio-controlled target drone for gunnery training.  The drone was powered by a 32hp four-cylinder Nihon Semi 11 box type air-cooled engine driving a 2 blade wooden propeller.  It was carried aloft by an E7K “ALF” to 3000 meters and released.  The drone had two floats under the wings for recovery.

 Drawing of Japanese drone seaplane flying target MXY4. MXY4 was designed 1940 in Dai-Ichi Kaigun Koku Gijutsu-Sho, Yokosuka as successor of the glider-flying target MXY3. Serial seaplanes MXY4 served as flying targets for training of Imperial Navy fighter pilots. MXY4 used to be carried up into the air on the wing upper flat of Kawanishi E7K flying boat and on its release, flight was radio-controlled.

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